• Hearing Assessments for Adults and Children (above the age of 6 years old)​​

  • Medico-Legal Audiometry​​

  • Workplace or School Hearing Screening

  • Baseline Audiometry and Hearing loss monitoring for Cancer treatment, Clinical trials, Ototoxic Drug treatment​


  • Pure Tone Audiometry (Air and Bone Conduction) - Is the key test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss.

  • Uncomfortable Loudness Levels (ULLs) - Is the test used to identify the minimum level of sound that is judged to be uncomfortably loud by an individual. The terms loudness discomfort level (LDL) and ULL are sometimes used synonymously; the preferred term is ULL.

  • Tympanometry - Is an objective test of middle-ear function and a test to determine the condition of the middle ear/mobility of the tympanic membrane.​