Hearing Aids

  • Hearing aids are used to rehabilitate hearing difficulty and hearing loss.

  •  Different types of hearing aids available: Custom In-The-Ear(CIC,ITC,ITE); Receiver-In-Canal; Behind-The-Ear; CROS and BiCROS options; Replacement Bone Anchored Hearing Aids; Bone conduction Hearing Aids, Middle Ear Processors.

  • FREE 'no obligation' consultation: a full hearing test and hearing needs assessment is carried out followed by demonstration of choices to match hearing needs.

  • FREE trial available

  • Hearing aid fitting will normally take place within 2 weeks of ordering.

  • Follow up, maintenance and batteries are provided for 1 year.

  • Full Price list available at consultation.

  • Full cost is due at the fitting of the hearing aid/s.

  • Provides second opinions on current hearing aids: Reprogramming and Fine tuning; Cleaning & Checking; Retubing of ear moulds; Impression for replacement earmoulds; Replacement slim tubes and domes and Batteries.

'Our Promise'

  • Fully Independent and Impartial

  • Affordable and Competitive Prices

  • 30 day money back guarantee^

  • 2 years manufacturer warranty*

  • 1 year Aftercare and supply of batteries'

^In the event that the hearing aid/s is unsuccessful, a refund will be provided minus the hearing test, fitting appointment and consultation fees.

*Please note that the warranty does not include loss and accidental damage or abuse, if this applies then repair or replacement charge is applicable.

'Up to 4 follow up appointments within 1 year of fitting; includes batteries and tubes&domes provision.